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  • FPL OATT Documents
    FPL Tariff
    TRM Implementation Document
    TTC Methodology for the Southern Interface
    Attachment L to Tariff
    Attachment K - Strawman for Transmission Planning Process
    Right of First Refusal
    FPL Transmission Rates
    FPL CBM Methodology
    Facility Connection Requirements
    Transmission Facility Rating Methodology
    Queue Priority of Generation Interconnection Requests
    Operating Procedures for Network Secondary Service
    General Information Regarding FPL Transmission System Capability
    Central Florida Coordinated Study 12-05
    Application for Interconnecting A Small Generator
    Miscellaneous Documents
    Security Coordinator Transfers
    TLR Notice and Tariff Sheet
    FPL Standards of Conduct Documents
    Notice of Chief Compliance Officer For FPL
    Written Procedures
    FPL Marketing and Energy Affiliates
    Corporate Organization Chart

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