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    Welcome to GMP
    • Please note: Effective May 20, 2003, Green Mountain Power (GMP) entered into an agreement to have Central Vermont Power (CVPS) broker Green Mountain Power's Phase I/II interconnections rights through the CVPS OASIS site. GMP and CVPS Marketing each have yearly Firm reservations for all of their available Phase I/II transmission rights on OASIS for the purpose of serving their long term Vermont Joint Owners (VJO) Contract.  CVPS will offer this released capacity on a non-firm basis only Please see the CVPS OASIS site for reservations and transmission capacity details.
    • GMP Acquisition by Northern New England Energy Corp
    • Notice of Proposed Changes to Schedule 20A
    • GMP Contact Information
    • GMP ATC and TTC Methodology
    • GMP Standards of Conduct Waiver
    • Order 890 Postings
    • GMP has no Incidence of Discloser. GMP has no discretionary waivers to post.
    • GMP does not offer transmission discounts. GMP has no large generator requests.
    • GMP has not had any Emergency Deviations.

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