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  • ISO OATT General Business Practices

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  • TOA Grandfathered Intertie/Interconnection Agreements and Transmission Facilities

  • New or Modified Interconnection Requests

  • OASIS Minimum Posting Requirements

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  • Service Types and Applications

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  • Path/POD/POR Reference Table

  • Current ATC & TTC Determinations

  • TTC Summary Report (updated daily)

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  • Transmission Outage Information

  • Trans Planning Strawman for Region

  • TOA Categories of Transmission Facilities
    Regional and Local Service Applications received by ISO-NE
    FERC Order 784 Posting
    2013 ACE (10 minute data)
    2013 Ace (1 minute data)
    FERC Order 890 Postings
    Annually Re-evaluate
    Conditional Firm Service
    Designation and Termination of Network Resources
    Designbation of Network Resources
    Energy and Generation Imbalances
    Planning Redispatch
    Transmission Studies
  • Load Forecast

  • Load Forecast Development

  • Manual 27 - Tariff Billing

  • NAESB Business Practices

  • Order Granting Request for Waiver from Certain NAESB WEQ Standards

  • Performance Metrics per Order 890
    Transmission Service Metrics Explanation
  • Process for Amending Transmission Service Related Procedures and Practices

  • Regional System Plans 2007

  • FERC Order 890 Postings
    Common Business Practices Schedule 20A
    Phase I-II Percentages
    Phase I/II HVDC-TF ATC Methodology
    Transmission Information and Services for the Phase I/II HVDC-TF Intertie with Hydro-Québec
    ATC Information
    ATC Algorithm
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