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    Regional Flow Forecast Tool

    As a result of the Northwest Power Pool Market Assessment and Coordination Initiative efforts and supporting company funding, tools have been developed that provide a forecast of expected near-term flows on a set of WECC flowgates. The forecasts are computed projections of flows based upon current actual flows, generation forecasts, load forecasts and impedence base flow calculations using the system network model.

    Beginning on March 31, 2015, access to production forecasts was available for regional TSP & BA entities.

    Beginning on April 14, 2016, access to production forecasts will be available for all OATT customers of the supporting TSPs to paths included in the displays operated by the respective TSPs. This includes access for market function employees.

    Procedures for requesting access can be obtained from Peak Reliability. A link to the Peak Reliability site containing these procedures is found under the Documents area to the left.

    Posted March 3, 2016

    OASIS Implementation Update

    Tacoma Power has completed its OASIS implementation as of December 3, 2014.

    In addition to the OASIS, Tacoma Power has implemented automated e-Tag and TSR validations.

    With OASIS still in its start-up phase, the note below regarding ATC is still in effect.

    Posted December 3, 2014

    Please note that ATC posted here may not be correct during the OASIS start-up phase. An announcement
    will be provided on this Tacoma Power OASIS home page when posted ATC is being calculated accurately.

    Posted September 4, 2014


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