Functional Separation: DSW 100% complete on functional separation. Standards of Conduct training conducted on January 19, 20 and 28, 1999.

Physical Separation: DSW 50% complete on physical separation. Modular system furniture delivery and construction will delay completion until April 30, 1999. In the interim:

On January 15, 1999, generation/resource scheduling was separated from transmission scheduling and moved to temporary offices in conference room.

Resource Manager moved out of Operations to new office in Power Marketing on January 20, 1999.

Transmission System Planning personnel required to keep all data, studies, work materials, etc. in locked cabinets until the department is moved from the Power Marketing work area to the Operations work area. This move is dependent upon the availability of modular system furniture.

Computer Separation: DSW 100% complete on computer separation requirements.

OASIS Operational: DSW OASIS node 100% operational. Standards of Conduct, organization charts, and job descriptions posted on OASIS. Monthly progress report will also be posted until physical separation is complete. Postings for several bi-directional transmission paths have been made.

Implementation Note: The DSW FERC 889 Implementation Manager, Dave Shelton, will have card key access to the transmission area until physical separation is competed in April. Mr. Shelton is a "Merchant" employee in the Resource Management area of Power Marketing. Mr. Shelton’s access to the transmission area will be solely for the purpose of facilitating physical separation and Mr. Shelton will not have any access to transmission related information. Mr. Shelton has completed Standards of Conduct training.