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    Prices 2005

    WesTTrans OASIS


    PNM's New Interim Transmission Rate Implementation as of 06-01-11

    Refer to:




    “On March 29, 2011 the Palo Verde Transmission System (PVTS) E&O Committee approved a new Total Transfer Capability (TTC) for the Kyrene 500/230 kV transformers effective April 1, 2011. The PVTS participants have updated OASIS with their new respective percentage TTC share of the Kyrene 500/230 kV transformers.Elt;/span>





    Change as of 10/27/10

    Transmission Loss Rate is 3 %

    All transmission losses will be considered financial, unless the Transmission

    Customer has made arrangements to return losses in kind. Note: Transmission Customers can always elect to return losses physically (in kind) at 3% of scheduled energy at a mutually agreed upon POR or POD. The in kind losses will be returned concurrently with the energy scheduled. In kind losses payback must be submitted on a Loss Supply e-Tag Type, with the TSR # of the related reservation in the Comment Field. If the in-kind losses are not scheduled in the appropriate amount, then the losses will be considered Financial.



    March 12, 2010

    Please see the WESTCONNECT folder at left for the link to the
    WestConnect website where the WC Regional Pricing Business Practices
    have been posted, with an effective date of April 1, 2010.


    Need Transmission with NO pancaked rates?*

    The Pricing Experiment is LIVE!!!

    WestConnect members are making it easier for you to move your energy!

    Go to OASIS, click on the WC Wizard, enter the POR and POD and find the

    Hourly Non-firm transmission service available at the Regional Rate.

    Select the service you wish to buy and off you go.


    Before you buy and use the Regional Transmission product, make sure you’ve done your homework . . .

    •Have you executed the new, Non-Firm Annex A service agreement with all the

    WestConnect Pricing Experiment Regional TPs (AZPS, EPE, NEVP, PNM,

    PSCO, SWTC, TSGT, WACM, & WALC)? Check with your regular contracts

    person at each TP to obtain the new service agreement.

    •Have you established creditworthiness with each Regional TP?

    •Have you obtained the service through the OASIS/WC Wizard button?

    •Have you Pre-confirmed the reservation?

    •Have you followed the proper E-Tagging procedures for all entities involved in the path?


    A few things to remember along the way . . .

    •Only Hourly, Non-Firm service is available with the Regional Rate

    •Sorry, but no renewals, resales, or redirects are allowed.

    •All Regional TPs in the path have to approve the reservation before going to a

    CONFIRMED state . . . so be patient. . .

    •You can only request the regional service through the WC Wizard interface on OASIS.

    •Confirmed TSR will have a $.09/MWh administrative fee added on your bill, in

    addition to the cost of the transmission.


    * Losses and scheduling fees for each regional TP will still be charged.



    If you have any Questions and/or Problems please Contact:


    Balancing Authority/Transmission Provider OASIS Administration Information:

    Don Lacen, 505-241-2032, e-mail:


    Balancing Authority/Transmission Provider Prescheduling (Transmission Services Coordinators):


    Don Lacen, 505-241-2032, e-mail:

    Mike Napoleone, 505-241-2499, e-mail:

    Vicki Edelen, 505-241-0639, e-mail:


    Balancing Authority/Transmission Provider Prescheduling, and OASIS Administration working hours:


    Monday-Friday; 0700-1600 Mountain Prevailing Time; Excluding Holidays (Scheduling Criteria is based on the WECC Prescheduling Calendar).

    WECC Prescheduling Calendar website is:

    After hours the Real-Time Reliability Operators will handle all Scheduling and OASIS processes.


    Compliance Administration Information:


                Chief Compliance Officer: JoAnn Newton, 505-241-2462 email: JOANN.NEWTON@PNMRESOURCES.COM

                Director, Ethics and Governance: Jim Acosta, 505-241-2205




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