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    Tennessee Valley Authority



    New TVA Transmission Service Guidelines and Transmission Service Rates

    Effective October 1, 2016

    TVA has approved a new edition of the TVA Transmission Service Guidelines, which establishes the terms and conditions for transmission service, along with the associated rates for transmission and ancillary services. The revised Guidelines and associated rates can be viewed and downloaded via the following link:

    TVA Transmission Service Guidelines, FY2017 Edition

    TVA Transmission Rates, FY2017

    For more information, contact Heather Burnette at 423-697-4128

    __________________________updated 9/1/2016 jrw__________________________

    Effective January 31, 2016

    The PSE Entity “TVAG” was retired. The Long Term Firm reservations for TVA generation to serve TVA load previously submitted be TVAG, will be Renewed by the PSE “TVAM”. These requests submitted by TVAM will show in the comment field - “Renewal of AREF # acting on behalf TVAG”.

    __________________________updated 08/24/2016rsh__________________________

    Link to TVA Documents and Business Practices Page Click Here


    Effective July 1st, 2011, The Duk Interface will be split into two interfaces DUK and TAP (Tapoco) representing the new TSP in the TVA Balancing Area . Under normal conditions each interface will have a Scheduling Path Cap Limit of 335mws.


    Tapoco a subsidiary of APGI (Alcoa Power Generating Inc.) has filed with FERC and registered with NERC to restore its Transmission Service Provider function. Tapoco will operate under the acronym of TAP. TAP will be a POR and POD on the TVA OASIS system. Making the TSP between TVA and DUK for the Santeelah-Robinsville tie point.



    __________________________updated 5/17/2011 rsh__________________________

    Effective January 17, 2009



    Firm Daily Transmission Service Requests Processed on Weekends and NERC Holidays




    Effective January 17, 2009, TVA will be processing requests for Firm Daily Transmission Service on weekends and NERC Holidays. On Saturdays, Sundays, and NERC Holidays, Transmission Customers should submit any requests for service between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Central Prevailing Time in order for TVA to appropriately process the requests.


    TVA will be processing transmission service requests for Firm Daily Service on weekends and NERC Holidays in order to accommodate the needs of its Transmission Customers to the extent that they need to obtain this service during this time. 


    Nothing here is intended to alter or amend TVA's 2009 Transmission Service Guidelines.








    TVA management has recently approved certain modifications to the TVA Transmission Service Guidelines (Guidelines) and to the rates for transmission service and ancillary services included in the Guidelines.  These changes reflect TVA’s planned modifications in response to FERC Orders 890, 890 A, and 890 B.  The rates are updated to reflect the most recent fiscal year financial information.  The revised Guidelines and rates can be reviewed and downloaded at the following web address: 



    FY 2009 Transmission Service Guidelines

    Effective Date 10/01/2008



    FY 2009 Transmission Rate Tables

    Please contact Dana Stone at 423-697-4076 if you have any questions about the revised Guidelines.

    *****************************Updated 01/05/2009/RSH*************************



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